Order flow

Order flow

Step1.Fill in the order form


To order form

  • Select the plan
  • Tell us about the caricature
    Frame is included in all plans
    It is available to change the frame’s color or change the frame to stroll.(Except the plan which deliveries the caricature in data)
  • Fill in your information.


Pay by credit card, PayPal, Pay-easy, Wechat Pay, Alipay, China UnionPay

Credit card: Please complete the procedure on the credit payment page in the order form.
Pay-easy: *Pay-easy payment is limited to financial institution for Pay-easy.
We will send you e-mail about the details after you order.
Please resister recipient to ATM or internet banking site.
The payment deadline is about 3 days after you place an order.
More information below

Step3.Upload photos and confirm order details

  • After completing your order, we will send you the order details and the URL of the customer's page by email.
    Please click the URL link and upload the photos.
    We will send it from the email address of web-order@caricature-japan.com, Please allow to receive emails from "@caricature-japan.com".
  • After uploading, we will confirm the photos and the details of your order.
    If you have any questions, please fill in the comment section on the customer page.
    Our staff will reply within business hours (weekdays 10 am to 5 pm)
  • After the final confirmation of your order, we will inform you of the delivery date again.

Step4.Start drawing and shipping

  • Proceed with drawing.
    Customers who wish to check the draft, please wait until the draft is completed.
  • After the caricature is done, we will ship it.
    We will contact you when the shipment is completed.
  • If the caricature hasn’t arrived on the scheduled delivery date, or if there are defects such as frame damage, please contact this email web-order@caricature-japan.com. We will reply to you within business hours (weekdays 10 am to 5 pm).